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SMILE! BANTU Shares ‘Roll With Me ft. Jonas Blue, Shungudzo & ZieZie’.

Zimbabwean singer/producer BANTU released his official video for the single ‘Roll With Me’. This single is fab, no matter how you dice it or slice it, for it makes you smile and want to be happy, even when the planet is angling to make our northern hemisphere bit chillier.

Forgotten how this summer was like? First, you have a very bad memory, and second, BANTU is here to remind you. Take a chillaxin’ point of view for the golden brilliance of a day in the life of YOU + FRIENDS + SIG OTHER + ANY others who’d like to have a par-tay.

Because ‘par-tays’ are, in a way, a frame of mind, and just like any window frame, it has an open space in between where you can glide through. And the other side of that frame, you can have ALL the things you’d like.


Make the best of it. It’s Autumn here in the North-East of the United States.

We need ‘energy’. And BANTU’s ‘Roll With It’ is your ticket to that beautiful summer in your mind.

So, kiss your significant other, smile a little more, and move your hips a bit when asked to by your friends at the party.

Let’s enjoy.

The video was directed by BANTU, and collaborated with James Davis II. The video was shot in Los Angeles and South Africa.

BANTU released his debut single ‘Holiday’ in 2016 and quickly captured audiences with flare and just fantastically fun pop. The infectious sounds and rhythms, just sprawl out on the floor and begs you to devour each note.


‘Roll With It’ is the SMILE SONG of the day.



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