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The Smiths: Release never previously heard demo “I Know It’s Over”, and it’s awesome.

The Smiths have been an indie rock force since their debut in 1982. The English band is comprised of Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. They have been hailed as one of the most important influencers in indie-alt-rock from the 80’s.

And in 2017, they’ve released a tid-bit demo track from the ‘Queen Is Dead’ 1986 album and it’s a fascinating take on their mindset at the time. Overall just takes us back, so, we can imagine what it was like to listen to the making of that album.

Anywho, we think it’s fab. It has mounds of history and nostalgia, that makes us (and others) to be bias towards liking it so, but what can you do. It’s The Smiths, right?!

Reissue of The Queen Is Dead will be out on October 20th.

The box set will include:
– A remastered edition of the original album, demos.
– A previously unreleased recording of a 1986 Boston concert
– A DVD of Derek Jarman’s The Queen Is Dead.

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