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SMLXL // Come at the King // Modern Moxie // Paola Bennet // Carla D’Amore

SMLXL – Big Cheese

Life happens and we become separated in some way. SMLXL’s Jarrod Murphy, Jason de Wilde and Andy Tolhurst had that happen as they originally formed 20 years ago, disbanded, then now, are back together again. It’s a TV sitcom situation. After a 2016 EP after the return, they offer up a full album named ‘Size’. With their hearts filled again with a wave of sentiments and willingness to add their own system of music into the Universe, ‘Big Cheese’ is one of those newest puzzle pieces that take them to the band’s next chapter. Physically separated, but producing by forwarding songs back and forth, the trio of pop-rock grandeur, endure with renewed vigor and mission. Word.

Come at the King – Shudder

Fan favorite, ‘Shudder’ brings the darkness from over the mountain range of your internal gods, sharing stories of heroism and delicious tales of humanity’s follies. Sitting around the fire-pit in that warm summer night, under the stars you share tid-bits of knowledge, sharing in conversation, in order to revive. The dawn will bring the chaos of the regular world, once more, which you will dread in your deepest resemblance of sleep. The exact vibe you get from COME AT THE KING’s single, and the disturbing realities of many of our own shortcomings. There’s only one thing to alleviate this angst. And that is to embrace, the wave and ‘Shudder’ into the wild and gritty turbulence.

Modern Moxie – Til I’m A Ghost

MODERN MOXIE is a project born of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Madison Lucas. She had a vision. And when it was time to pull the trigger on giving her songs a platform to be heard, she quickly and triumphantly accepted that challenge. It has taken many years to come to this stage of debuting the band’s LP ‘Claw Your Way Out’. An anthem of first hand experience; a story of a desire that needed every ounce of patience and muster to achieve, the story of Madison, is carved inside the words of her songs. Fraught with small victories, sassy attitudes, and dreamy rock n’ roll charm, ‘Til I’m A Ghost’ knows what her path to salvation will be. Her dedication to her craft and future is cemented. And she’s okay with that. The new album will drop in June. MODERN MOXIE consists of: Madison Lucas (vocals, guitar, synth), Harry Kollm (bass), Phil Pucci (lead guitar) and Charlie Weeks (drums).

Paola Bennet – Lydia’s Boy

At the end of it all, was it all worth the struggle? Is the premise of the question, just too defeatist from the get-go? Or is it a legitimate march into observing and analyzing your performance through life; of what you’ve done or not-done to make it? Did it go the way you had planned? Or has everything just fallen to pieces? Love, relationships, money, friendships – a brick by brick incantation, of decades in the making, taking solace in your mind as you watch the sun drop below the Montana horizon. ‘Lydia’s Boy’ is about a longing for something, someone whom you can’t possess. At the end of it all, was it all worth the struggle? Don’t know. Will we ever? Paola debuted with her EP ‘The Shoebox’ in 2016. The now Brooklynite, the Boston native drives on in this curious of worlds.

Carla D’Amore – Carolyn

Suffocatingly delightful single ‘Carolyn’ by CARLA D’AMORE is exactly beautiful. Harnessing the energies of floating animations, the banjo driven and modern indie-alt offering, flows like the small stream from the mountain pass. At the end there will be a delta, broad and powerful, pushing out the nourishment of past learned knowledge and visions. Dark, melancholic, expressive, emotional – the subtle winds of ‘Carolyn’ depicts with ousting burn of a fiery desire and ethereal pension for the forlorn. A confident and mustered vocal of Carla, gives zero way to the antithetical nor the undeserved vibes of life. The little demons, never successfully deviates the focus of Carla’s sound. Old world craftsmanship comes by way of Denmark, and we’re IN.


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