Smokin’ on Planes ‘Interspecies Love’ : Their love transcends the illusion of life and death.

Smokin' on Planes

“Interspecies Love is a meditation on an unlikely relationship. The song celebrates a unique union between two souls who recognize their love transcends the illusion of life and death.”

Hometown, Washington DC is a consistent part of their music. For a good reason. It’s a place where they have laid many memories, of which makes their form and interpretation of the world. In their music, it softens when things are hard, and amplifies when things should be a bit more emphatic. Decisions are of mental fortitude. And when Smokin’ on Planes work, they work to make their audience work hard with them.

In their hearts and minds only, of course.

These sentimental indie rock n’ rollers, know what to do, indeed.

Nick Galasso, Omri Malul and Joe Hamd together are Smokin’ on Planes.


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