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Smooth4Lyfe Makes Your Life Better With Single ‘At the Bar (Streets of Rage)’.

Smooth4Lyfe is Joey Ofori, and he’s a self proclaimed ‘Video Game Rapper’ who offers up singles for the ‘gamers and music lovers’ of all kinds. With deviations and variations dipped in hiphop old school dynamics, Joey’s lyrical works work like a first shooter extravaganza.

“This track “At the Bar (Streets of Rage)” is from the game Streets of Rage, an old classic for the Sega Genesis,” stated Joey. “It is a hip hop version of the bar stage in the game. The lyrics pertains to chillin’ in a bar and beating up bad guys, just like in the game.”

The Silver Spring, Maryland based artist comes at his music and life with personable musical tastes, affable lyrical realities, and substantial talent in just making you enjoy what you’re hearing. He’s created remixes of video game music from “Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and others.”

“His passion for music and the energy of his fans will keep him alive…

We can surely feel Joey’s attitude and seriousness for his craft. But the most magnetic about his music is the half-full outlook into what’s happening in the ‘immediate’ through the lens of artificial/digital entertainment of gaming.



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