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Snacks Chapman Shares ‘VonTrinket’. “Guitar driven pallet of colors is downright refreshing.”

From the get-go, you’re drawn. Not ‘drawn-on’, but drawn, you dummy. Anyways, from the drums, the riffs, the ‘raunchy’ style of the vocals – all keep you tuned. The Brooklyn indie band that does their own music and engineering, they bring the heat for their fans. Because with a song like ‘VonTrinket’ warms the crowd with cylindrical hymns, rag-tag harmonies, and a fist full of kick-ass attitude.

It’s just a very exciting song.

The gritty, guitar driven pallet of colors is downright refreshing, as the tinge ‘spectacular’ glimmers in all of its glory. The garage-grunge style pours with vigor, as the skateboards ollie, and girlfriends are kissed aggressively.

Where have these guys been?

Well, they are after all a living breathing product of the jungles of Brooklyn. Would that be an explanation?

Who knows.

Just listen to their sh*t.

It’s good.



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