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Snake and the Rabbit – Harquahala

With classic psyche-rock touches and an indelible vocal uniqueness of which Leanna brings, the combination of old world sensibilities mix deliciously. Husband and wife team of Brett and Leanna, sings with a curmudgeon of boulders – an indicative soul searching transmission to that life we seek and want. And through a song like ‘Harquahala’ – a name of an old mining town in Arizona – the duo expresses the best of rock from a past decade, with a brand of style and aesthetic that sticks and delights. Leanna’s guitar notes frame the single in a cast of notes, diminishing none of the story telling. SNAKE AND THE RABBIT is a profound project that has a new feel and formula, directed by two love-birds. And we think they will not be denied their time in the sun. Watch out.

Mess – Dead Space

One note. One body. One lips. One love. MESS’ ‘Dead Space’ encapsulates the decadent challenge of you, of her, of him, of caressing forms in the night. Of memories process through the cells of your early years. A block of thought are locked and blackened. An emotional decapitation, has occurred, without knowing, it had happened. A cell with the world watching from without. A mellow and melancholic suffrage to a certain mind of deity – trying to cope and deal with the hemorrhaging suffering; a cast of light appears sometime in the future’s self. Accepting, realizing – all of the battle scars, relegated to one’s undying lust for…Something in the ether. Something in that desire to move – on – grow – live. ‘Dead Space’ is a piece of personal history from MESS’ new record ‘Learning How To talk’. It is available now.

Speqtrvm – Talk

Explosive in nature, SPEQTRVM’s single ‘Talk’ is an indicative salutation to an evening of what’s to come. We are animals looking for validations and support in the most basic. The gang in SPEQTRVM makes it known that they also are very much vulnerable to these basics. With centurion funk bass, tantalizingly shimmer through the evergreen vocals, as this single knows no bounds to entertain and maybe help us to cope. The band stated: ‘[‘Talk’] is what we humans do in conditions that we cannot recognize and our tendency to look for perspectives that justify our behavior being honest to the moments.” But ‘Talk’ is more than that. It quivers in a gentle waft of breezy circumstances where we could lie down and take in the faults and limitations of our human habits. Deep stuff, ain’t it?

la loye – about imagining things

“‘About Imagining Things’ portraits a drunk conversation with the inner self,” said Lieke Heusinkveld of la loye. “I often feel like alcohol breaks certain boundaries, allowing thoughts that I’m too afraid to think of in a sober state.” In one note and one word, Lieke profoundly cultivates all that makes sense of the harshness, into a pocket – your pocket – by your side and waiting for your next move. Lieke’s songwriting is beautiful, poetic, as moist with personal fervor as the early morning mountain dew. Subtle in presentation, but as real as it is realistic, the whispers of her vocals insinuate in calm and personable ratchets of truth. Vigorous in dimensions and strong in meaning, ‘About Imagining Things’ makes living, worth while once more. Fear is a part of life. But at least we have Lieke.

The Slingers – Deathwish

Off of the upcoming EP ‘Kind Hearts’, THE SLINGERS give this effortless, blues grounded rock that keeps you honest. And when their single ‘Deathwish’ comes to town, you’ll want to get ready. The single’s honesty and forthrightness are the anchors to the song. With ample amount of the wha slicing and dicing through the forest of modern anthemics, ‘Deathwish’ sings as clearly and concisely as that famous movie character. In fact, this single is an “homage to everyone’s second favourite action-crime-drama film series based on the 1972 novel by Brian Garfield..” declared THE SLINGERS. Oh, we get it. Now we know where their motivations lie. With a pension for the dramatic, wrapped deliciously in the ballad-like breeze, ‘Deathwish’ works at many levels. Have a pint, will ya? Sure will. Look for THE SLINGERS’ new 2nd Ep later this year.


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