So So Sun ‘Dinosaur’ : Atmospheric, electronic. Conceptual injection.

So So Sun / Photo: Dan Ashton Lloyd

“Dinosaur is a satirical comment on a society that is asleep to its own harmful actions, and yet fully aware of the repercussions.” Freddy Armstrong and Chris Davy (joined by Davina Panjanaden on violin), depicts the strain on a world of limited resources.

Of not, material – but of mores and psychological angst. A physical emotion of detriment, beautiful things trampled. A societal question of often malign actions and wishes, swirl around and devour the good, the benign, the innocent.

So So Sun’s ‘Dinosaur’ warns of such awakening by the ether, and a destruction by its conceptual hands. But the enemy is no one else, but us. The humans of which it rents a slice of reality in this large and in-charge Universe.

So So Sun are an atmospheric, electronic-indie act from South East England.


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