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So So Sun // Nightseason // Twilight Driving // Psychic Love // Brother Plainview

So So Sun- Sonmi

Formed in early 2018, the new band consisting of Chris Davy and Freddy Armstrong, delivers a high powered ballad of sultry hymns and poignant insolvency of emotions in ‘Sonmi’. The heat of the moment, underneath the beating sun, the souls of the tortured lovers, continued, undaunted. With dramatic and cinematic turns and weaves of the notes, SO SO SUN, is a galvanizing thrust of gentle weeps of the strings and runway of guiding lights, penetrating to the heart’s core. The UK based duo makes the world alight with possibilities.

Nightseason – Wear the Treads Off

NIGHTSEASON elaborates about the title track: “The first verse was never written down, it was just the first thing that came out of my mouth when I went to sing some melodies over the instrumental I already had. For whatever reason those were the words that my mind formed and I never wanted to change them because they felt so unconsciously genuine.” Off of the EP, the single had been conceived and recorded without the duo ever meeting in person. Patrick Zeinali and Jordan Caiola, through the virtues of the Internet came together to offer the 5 track revel. Jordan’s viably authentic voice, chimes off of the production of Patrick’s unhindered digital attire of the notes. Impending doom, is deflected from the protagonist, giving time to enjoy the chaos of a life, unadulterated. The future is worth looking forward to, through the eyes of NIGHTSEASON.

Twilight Driving – Dangerous

Brighton (UK) based band TWILIGHT DRIVING, plays hard to get with the 80’s tinged new wave ensemble of notes in ‘Dangerous’. The emphatically aspiring track, immediately takes you out of the drudgery of our current lives. Out of the best traditions of the teen years of our memories, the synth infused emotional drive is insipid and unapologetic. The chorus will drive you mad with delight, as the hair at the back of your neck stand right up. Edges of your smile angle ever upwards, as the tone hits you right where your heart is. You melt. Word.

Psychic Love – One & Two

Laura Peters is PSYCHIC LOVE. And she’s simply gorgeous to listen to. The nuances of her music is unmistakable and the elements of interest, tears you apart with joy, as her demure but powerful lyrics kick in under the lights of the expansive sonic landscape. Underground indie, seeps into every crevasse of your body, helping to alleviate the chronic nudge of a hapless world. Laura, without screams or devious taunts, makes ‘One & Two’ an anthemic prelude to a search for truth. The real truth to a personal calling, which reflects off of the seemingly tarnished walls of social ambiguity. The communication is real, and Laura makes it real for us. She’d been on our radar since our last acquaintance via her music. We’re here for more as the new year comes unfolding.

Brother Plainview – Lost on Us

From Hong Kong, will travel. Well, the songs will travel. And in the context of BROTHER PLAINVIEW, their ‘Lost On Us’ traverses the Universe like the particle waves from the exploding start, afar. The indie-rock is made up of members from Canada, UK, and Hong Kong, and the diversity of influences is a given. Their new 5 track EP (available now) is evidence of that fact, and we are here to attest to that goodness. With constance of the introspective vocals to the emo-driven guitar works and pace, the gang in BP brings a new light to the edges.


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