Social Pretender ‘Freeway’ : Distorted and angry. Edgy and real.

Social Pretender

With their angst and frustration expressed in the music, Social Pretender is a young, unrestrained and powerful rock band from Sweden, inspired by the authenticity of the 90’s grunge scene and punk rock. Distorted and angry. Edgy and real.

On April 12th 2019 Social Pretender released their latest single Blind (Ninetone Records).

Made up of talents Sanna Wox, Niklas Anmyr, Christoffer Ahl, and Oscar Ahlqvist, the turbulence described in ‘Freeway’ – through its core drive – the song is reminiscent of the best in traditions from bands like Disturbed and Sevenfold. The manic desperation, is seeded with a comfort of the un-living souls of our day-to-day existence. A veritable smorgasbord in emotional vacuousness, described in the angst of the malcontent un-satisfaction, ‘Freeway’ may be the road to salvation.

Is it? Only you can know.

With Sanna pushing the screams into melodic dimensions, the band delivers with hard-rock charms and nu-metal shine.

See the Stockholm, Sweden based band next @ Dirty Nights Rock Club in Stockholm, January 18th.

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