Society Down ‘Ozymandias’ : Bit harder. Riding into a new horizon.

Society Down

Society Down is a band from Florida, which first formed in 1994. With a long hiatus, and now a triumphant return, they offer ‘Ozymandias’ a style of hard-rock offering that is right up SD’s alley menacing and fantastical story telling.

The song is about the vaunted and mysterious reign of Egypt’s Ramses the II (a la poem of Percy Bysshe Shelley), and in the tradition of Iron Maiden, the vocals and guitar amplitude does the old king of the ancient world, justice in many ways. It’s a short trip to the underworld of humans whom owned this world, for a time.

In 2016, the band reunited and has been pushing their own set boundaries, once more. A new 2020, offers new opportunities to push that line, just a little bit more.

Bit faster.

Bit harder.

Riding into a new horizon.


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