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Soft Fangs ‘Honey Colony’ needs to spank you, softly, majestically, unobtrusively. Let it.

Introspection deems a limit to that we allow our inhibitions. Thrive, and then the wall crumble down. We can now start. Soft Fangs’ Honey Colony, in its soft unabashed low key decadence, pushes forward that shyness. Break through like that oversized vase of punch, and let your lips glow cherry.

It’s a trap.

Our husk of biological containment. The cell walls glistening with nano activities, independent of what our jumble of nerves in our cranium is doing – they live and just work.

Existential guessing isn’t in order.

They do not know they have a ‘higher power’ which controls.

They do not care.

‘Meaningless’, does not equate or exist in their world. The ‘meaning’ only comes from the work.

And only from that work.

There is no ‘why’. There is just ‘do’.

Contentment is to live, until the body shrivels.

Job well done.

There should be something in the middle: love, hate, jealousy, happiness, joy, sorrow.

Let’s get out of that trap.

That husk of biological water container.

Make it really ‘live’.

Soft Fangs is a project under John Lutkevich, a fabulous interpretation of that ‘soft melodic song, which poisons you’.

It’s a compliment.

And we like him and Soft Fangs, just how it is.

An assassin with the will to kill.

He’s rep’ed by Disposable America, in Allston, MA (USA). It’s a nifty label.

Kudos, John. Kudos.



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