Soft People ‘New Moon’ : They make you dream a little dream.

Soft People

‘New Moon’ is the second single from the upcoming album ‘Absolute Boys’ (Fall 2020).

All of this is anchored by Nichols’ vocal delivery: a baritone meditation on desire, missed connections, and the passion of a singular moment. The cadence of the song, along with its orbital structure, simulates the experience of celestial bodies moving in and out of gravity with one-another. Listeners can feel the push-pull of these elliptical shapes– sometimes near, sometimes far — but always existing in relation to each other.

‘New Moon’ is a portrayal of a much older Bee Girl; she’s fallen on hard times, it seems, as she talks to herself and dances through a barren landscape by the train tracks. Green hills are seen in the distance, but it’s clear that things haven’t always gone according to plan.

Soft People is Caleb Nichols and John Metz. They make you dream a little dream.


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