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Soft People // The Brungas // Mother Sun // Sail By Summer // BRANLAND

Soft People – Tender

Been a while since we’d revisited SOFT PEOPLE. But coming back to what Caleb Nichols and John Metz does with the work that they offer, is certainly a cooling breeze. ‘Tender’ is SP’s latest vibe that comes off as the best in that secret Morrissey crush you’d had. Oddly paced, consistently surging, the lyrics play off of SP’s sensibilities like the moon light in that clear, crisp night. Love is the way for SOFT PEOPLE, and they wish us – our human species – the best it can aspire to. Fantasy? When we listen to Caleb and John, we often think we can make it.

The Brungas – Hide & Stay

Like a ghost of Jeff Buckley, THE BRUNGAS’ single ‘Hide & Stay’, is becoming and resolute. Within the cascading guitars, there exists a world of wonder and wonderment. As Ned’s vocals vibe through with understated vigor and administration, the whole of the band, glitter with vibrant instrumentation and delivers in glorious effectiveness. The Melbourne based 7 piece, consists of Ned Hawkins, Charlie Howcroft, Alec Brunga, Rehn Smith, Ed Carlisle, Zac Buston, and Jeremy Phillips. Style is what THE BRUNGAS brings. Effortless work, with passion in every note. Lovey stuff, indeed.

Mother Sun – Daylight

Kamloops, BC (Canada) based MOTHER SUN offers up their second single off of the upcoming Ep ‘Caramel Clouds’. Psychedelic, hypnotic, garage dripping single ‘Daylight’ is a guitar fest of layers and provocations. The fabulous touch and go of the lyrics, and sensible happiness of the vibe, gives the song a delightful tinge in hue and off-kilter majesty. Sunset in golden colors, looking forward to another day – morrow. What a sight and feeling, no?

Sail By Summer – LowLowLow

Off of their upcoming debut album ‘Casual Heaven’ (August 9th), SAIL BY SUMMER is the ‘summer’ that you’d forgot, but always wanted back. The coming of age synth and longing lyrics make ‘LowLowLow’ a delectable addition to any lifespan. From the world of Bergen, Norway, SAIL BY SUMMER is as positive and optimistic as you’ll get. From the uplifting licks and beautiful vocals, the band is what we all think of when we think of Norway. Norwegian Grammy award winner William, with Danish collaborator Jens Kristian does all the good damage to our affections and our admiration. A deep breath of fresh air.

BRANLAND – Ragdoll Lover

BRANDLAND’s manifesto on his music is thus: “I am a rock artist who makes 90s indie/classic rock styled music that is always evolving but keeps the hooks flowing. I want to make music that captures classic vibes but reinvents them into something fresh. I am influenced by many different artists and genres, so every song has a different kind of feel but it’s all rock and it’s all colorful. I don’t like sticking to one specific formula or sound but I believe I have my own style that identifies itself each time.” Brandan Ireland is the driver of this project BRANDLAND, and his conviction for what his work means and what it could mean to his listeners, is the honesty and gumption that we dig. And in his single ‘Ragdoll Lover’ helps to add to that explanation. BRANDLAND is a cold waking blues guitar consuming exaltation of talent and fun. What else can you ask for?


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