Soft Shelter ‘Dead Metaphors’ : Gentle psychedelic indie pop fissures

Soft Shelter

Soft Shelter makes gentle psychedelic indie pop fissures. A mind galactic, pinned inside a typical human mind, Soft Shelter’s exuberance for his sonic existence, knows no bounds. Soft Shelter does ju-jitsu on his feelings and makes it know who and where his future will become.

He draws on a variety of influences (classic rock; indie and alt rock/pop; electronic). His lyrics tend to emerge from personal moments that carry a certain universality, treating themes such as loss and starting over (Ashes), time-related stress (Time (Pressure)), self-confidence (All There to Find), and overcoming personal issues (The Tempest).

The debut EP ‘The Tempest’ (February 7th) was followed up by the single ‘Anticipation’, where the opening track of his newest EP, ‘Judgment Day’, develops all of the angst, and disposes known angsts, with a dapper smile and embrace. This 3-song EP was largely written and completed during the quarantine (of 2020) and its lyrics reflect this strange time through themes of apocalypse, isolation, language, and paranoia.


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