Soft Shelter ‘Time (Pressure)’ : A jazzy, bluesy and soulful undertone, clasps for attention.

Soft Shelter / Photo: Abbey Anderson Photography

A shot of calm adrenaline, is framed and nurtured, within the chords of Soft Shelter’s single ‘Time (Pressure)’. A jazzy, bluesy and soulful undertone, clasps for attention in this single, as the wispy psyche tinted vocals of Soft Shelter glistens.

You turn your hand up to the sky, over your brows, blocking out the warmth and empathy of the sun above. And in the earnest horizon of the future, you see her.. watching, and clinging to what it was.

Will you let it go? Will you let that feeling go, just an arm’s length away?

Just like love and relationships, that concept changes with each individual and the passage of time. In ‘Time (Pressure)’ that reality of being pettifogged in this consumerist world, there is a forgetfulness that may be normalized. The concept of being fulfilled by short term things. Of that which, can never fully satisfy, over the long haul.

Challenges indeed.

‘Time (Pressure)’ is the second single ahead of Soft Shelter’s debut EP to be released, February 7th.


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