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Soft Streak // Laveda // Madison Malone // Maroota Joe // How We Got Giraffes

Soft Streak – Never Enough

‘Never Enough’ imparts a sense of content. ‘Never Enough’ encounters that damage, in heart, with pragmatic fantasies. SOFT STREAK consists of Tori Michelle and Colton Toy. They drive up on the driveway of decadence and trepidation, then revs up with an intrinsic style of gumption and a vision of inner-sanctity. The Los Angeles based duo, make it very hard not to fall in love with their style and antics towards stories telling. The single is part of a 5 song EP (available now) ‘Late Bloomer’. The duo are to play the BIRP! showcase at SXSW at the The Parish in Austin Texas, March 15th. “Never Enough is about being a frustrated 20-something,” said Michelle of ‘Never Enough’, “and having really high expectations for yourself, your life, and the night out, but never really attaining those lofty expectations. I took inspiration from my own life and many of my friend’s lives – they all sort of feel the same way I do. The ending is a voice recording from my best friend from high school recounting a dream she had about a night out.”

Laveda – Dream. Sleep.

Utterly amazing duo of Ali Genevich and Jake Brooks, makes up the project named LAVEDA. The Albany, NY dream-pop band brings other sensibilities to the calculation, as the lo-fi elements are dynamically enhanced by layers and layers of fluidity and remarkable sense for the palpable. Formed in 2017, this incantation of what music could be, defines itself int he synth works, which drive the ecstasies, both noun and pronoun. “The lyrics are describing the thoughts of someone who has a dream about being able to make a choice to leave our world and go to some alternate reality,” the duo explained. “Its about being trapped somewhere you feel like you don’t belong. I wanted to evoke feelings of intense excitement that later (in the end of the second pre-chorus) change to regret and doubt.” Thoughtful and exasperating in their perfection, the single ‘Dream. Sleep.’ gets you, where it has never been.

Madison Malone – Fragile Heart 1

MADISON MALONE’s single ‘Fragile Heart 1’ stunned us with its beauty and honesty. With angelic vocals emitted by the heart of Madison’s lyrical soul, this hymn like expediency, just grips you. Her soaring endeavors, produces the inner peace of mind, as our memories go through our minds. “I am going to be honest with who I am. The good. The bad. The dark. The light. This is my confession: I have a fragile heart. I have a wandering eye. I have an impatient mind. Through all of this, I just want to uncover peace and learn how to love myself & others a little harder.” Madison is gorgeous in her song’s presentation, with gravity and incandescently liberating promises, weeping and caressing. Raised in small farm town in Wisconsin, the uber-talented artist makes our hearts cry in triumph, urging for success, in mind and body.

Maroota Joe – Earth

Dirty, avarice, simply rockin’ – the dudes in MAROOTA JOE just knows how to display their musical talents. Dynamic, unrelenting, and with monster sized power riffs, the prog-rock/hard-rock band digs into your soul from the wilds of North West Sydney. With the best traditions of past greats like Alice In Chains, and Tool, MAROOTA JOE is the ones to party with after that hard week’s shenanigans. The band consists of Ladam, Jye, Max, and Scruff, and they ain’t lyin’ when they say they have something fabulous to offer. And in this single ‘Earth’, they offer salvation. We’ll quote them to highlight their road to greatness: “Maroota Joe was awarded the Lifetime Sick*unt Achievement Award for being absolute sick*unts in their field of work.” Bad-ass. Let’s keep on listening to MAROOTA JOE.

How We Got Giraffes – Statue

HOW WE GOT GIRAFFES asks the poignant question: “Statue-esque?” The single is named ‘Statue’. It is an indie-rock anthem that is Glasgow grown and honed. It is off of the new couble sided 2 song EP ‘Statue/Trainscape’. And when the song is sung, played, and then distributed to your skull, it resonates to high-heaven. Alt, grunge, post-punk – the single hits those marks, as it traverses into the bright glowing sun. The guitars blare out the chords, as if in a trance with psychedelic pronouncements, railing against the drums which countries can be built. Thumping, revolving, outrageous, and resounding, the band made up of Tiziano, Guglielmo, Justine, and Stevie, embarks on that lonesome highway, letting go of that memory of her love, but fully expecting to win her over again. Just like this paragraph, this single is an instrumentally forged outer-limits, trip.


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