Solemn Meant Walks Shares ‘Dark Haus’. Introspective Stride Through The Weeds Of Loathing And Redemption.

In the dream the dragon, with fur and fire, picks the body of that stranger within, on its back then breathes its fires. Its fires of depiction and decoration, for both life and the current eccentricities. The lights go off, and on, and off again, triggering the malnourished brain to tick and tock, convulsing in madness of its own making.

Making the madness. The ingredients are highly guarded.

The guarded ingredients, culminate in a death of a life.

Your life, as you know it.

You’ve already made your decision.

Sacrifice is accepted.

Hardship, for the good of the future has also been absorbed into your psyche.

Slash the jungle weeds, from your arms and go forth.

There’s nothing to hold you back, but that dragon, with fur and fire.

Waiting to be hacked and demolished.

Destroy it.

You must, to be on your way, to a better and glorious un-known.

Solemn Meant Walks, consists of Ami Gloria and Andrew Sole. A Chicago band which keeps doing their thing to capture more fans. And we see why they’d be popular with the natives.



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