Solly ‘Shelter’ : Imagination as his clutches, the world has no chance. Judo skillz, not including.


Solly takes life as it comes then uses his Judo skillz to adjust and do his own thang. Well. That Judo part isn’t confirmed. But what we do know is that, with the help of his music and the lovely folks that he loves, he pushes and does to the things that make him happy for the world that is to be.

A skill-set that is useful, especially in a quarantine world, of this time and space.

Said Solly: “Ironically, this song was written before shleter-in-place, but the themes I evoke in the song–ignorant bliss, ostracizing oneself for the purpose of remaining comfortable–couldn’t time more perfectly with the current situation. It’s about putting band-aids on mental wounds that need serious attention, but I couldn’t tell this story without the groove. The chorus is a time for rejoice, a light in a darker mix that remains hopeful for our future. I hope it gets you dancing.

Solly added: “Music is a language that transcends speech, and I’m out here trying to express myself the best I know how. I try to focus on crafting a groove that sucks you in and then delivering lyrics from as close to my own heart as I can reach.”

He’s a doer. And with his imagination as his clutches, the world has no chance.

Judo skillz, not including.


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