SØLV ‘Heavy Weather’ : Drawing on the parallels that exist.


London-based singer, songwriter, producer and director Sølv (Danish for Silver) works solely from her apartment. Entirely self-taught, self-managed and unsigned, she directs her shoots, conceptualises visuals and works on artwork/graphics whilst collaborating with a circle of creative friends to complete the final outcome.

Said Sølv: “‘Heavy Weather’ is about having one special person in your life who shines a light onto your darkness distracting you from your situation, surroundings and circumstances. They alone can lift your mental state and keep you grounded. I wrote, produced and recorded the song during lockdown after a couple of weeks of feeling uninspired and low due to everything going on in the world at the time. Initially I found a synth sound and instinctively played a melody which became the main hook. After that, everything just flowed and the song was written within a matter of days.”

Sølv writes from a deeply personal place, drawing on the parallels that exist within dark and light interspersed with relatable insights and philosophical references.


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