Some Bodies ‘My Name’ (Video) : Can make any occasion that beautifully in-depth.

Some Bodies / Photo: Nathan McLaren-Stewart

This is the live version of ‘My Name’ from the album ‘Sunscreen’. The session was recorded by Stew Jackson and Katie May, mixed by Stew Jackson, video by Benjamin Spike Saunders and Marie Dutton, to make this beautiful in its simplicity.

This song can make any occasion that beautifully in-depth. Preaching a dim view of “this modern life”, Some Bodies plunge you into a pool of nostalgia as way of escape.

Wobbly synths float past guitars and drums from a time-gone-by. In a similar way to bands like FUR, Sons of Raphael or The Lemon Twigs, their music aptly reflects this generation’s sentimentality for the past. Some Bodies recently made their live debut in their hometown of Bristol, supporting Champagne Superchillin’.

Lovely, indeed.


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