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Some Kind Of Liberty – Not For Me

SOME KIND OF LIBERTY is a Danish, Copenhagen based rock quartet, which is inspired by the classic rock and roll scene and the 90’s grunge scene. We’d stated about them prior: “Consisting of Frederik Parnam, Johan Julius Jensen, Frej Visti, and Julius Lundbjerg, the absolute authentic sounds that emanate from these four are an unbearable urge for more and more. The reverberating visions of note for note, brings to light the inevitable to their audience.” The enraging grit of ‘Not For me’ is a story within a story of the young and the adult in us. The slow build up is capped off by the tight guitar and vocal rapture that SKOL is beginning to be known for. The vision is clear. The rock-ness is burgeoning.

Royal Cinema – CHA-CHING

Royal Cinema was formed by longtime friends Johanna Cranitch, Isaac Carpenter and Sydney Wayser. When you think of Royal Cinema, think B52s meets Goldfrapp meets Sofi Tukker. Whoa. What a combo sandwich, no? Heck yes it is. Said the band: ““CHA-CHING is about owning your own ‘awesome’. We’re living in a world ruled by social media and our own doubts and comparisons from those platforms. We wanted to write a song about feeling empowered to be ourselves. A song about ‘feeling like a million bucks’ in our skin as we are today; a bit messy, less than ‘perfect’ but f***ing cool because we’re proud to be our own unique weird!” Our kind of band, yes?? Heck yes. Look for this fun-tastic band with debut EP for early 2020.

The Tissues – Rear Window

The Tissues, a dark and noisey art-punk quartet from Los Angeles, are Kristine Nevrose (vocals), Jerry Narrows (guitar), Bianca Ayala (bass) and Tara Edwards (drums). Influenced by Pylon, Siouxsie and the Banshees, they debuted with LP ‘Veil’ in 2017. Live shows are a must with The Tissues. Your life cannot be fully complete not seeing The Tissues. In December 2019 The Tissues will release their second LP, “Blue Film”, recorded at Hububaloo Studio in Fullerton, CA and mixed by Colin Knight. And when content is not just for content sake, it becomes the nightmares of your waking dreams. Then you’re screwed and you should just go back to bed. Of course after The Tissues rip you nose hairs out of that thing you call cranium. Listen to ‘Rear Window’. It’s invigorating. It’s tight. It’s made for being uncomfortable for uncomfortable-sake. You won’t be able to hide your glee.

Floyd Thursby – To those in flames

‘To Those In Flames’ is the third release and title single from Australian singer/songwriter Floyd Thursby’s upcoming album, produced by ARIA award-winning producer Marty Brown (Art of Fighting, Clare Bowditch). A collection of deeply personal songs written during a five month journey from Iceland to Iran, the album explores love and longing, spiritual peace and togetherness, the freedom of leaving an office job to pursue one’s dreams, and the tragic loss of close friend and film-maker Cris Jones at the age of 37 in 2017. Floyd Thrusby is the alter ego of Paul Gillett, and has been recording and releasing his original songs since 2005. This project is of one thing: emotive folk dandelions of soulful admiration for the living in poetic restitutions and visceral attentions. It succeeds in this title track, as you crumble to your knees of emotions. Whatever memories you may deem.

Julie Title – Angel

Confidence of withering impacts, sullen in pity and righteous indignations – we palpitate towards a nuance of such beliefs, and we quake when revealed. The beauty of Julie Title’s single ‘Angel’ is Juile and her interpretations of visions within the breaths of her words and breathes of convictions. You want to caress them. You want to caress those undeniably valiant crevasses of information, but dark and graved. The ambience of ‘Angle’ explodes in majestic nurture, as the word of the song, wrestles with a thought of another. A beautifully sung single from a temptress of vibes.

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