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Somebody’s Child // Marie Dahlstrøm // Laville // Hiser // Trevor Myall

Somebody’s Child – Toes

Ireland based artist SOMEBODY’S CHILD sings ‘Toes’. The indie-folk pop singer/songwriter, fronted by his confident vocals, radiates attitude of what the future should be. “The song is about being in a controlling relationship,” stating about ‘Toes’. “..knowing what needs to change, and finding the courage to stand up for oneself and going after what you really want despite what people may think or say about you.” Expressing his musings through the gateway of indie-rock most of the time, in ‘Toes’ he does it in more pop inducements, with ample effect. Produced by Ross Dowling (James Vincent McMorrow, Talos, Bell X1), the ideally and sentimental single insulates the weak as it dissects emotions from the near and far; a testament to an otherwise longing breath of decency of heart.

Marie Dahlstrøm – Mood Ft. Secaina

Moods. Vibez. Marie Dahlstrøm’s single ‘Mood’ is exactly the remedy for what ails you. As long as it’s about the one you want to care about…as long as it’s about the love that you want slung over your necklace of life. And in this visual treat, Marie stated: “We wrote the song with the intention to put listeners in a trance – then Douglas & Sally portrayed that visually through dance.” Trance, it sure does. As the feet of the dancers, coupled with the downbeat sultriness of the song, crests up and against the cliffs of emotions, the smiles peak out to play. The thoroughly enjoyable single, amplified to the hilt.

Laville – Thirty One

Perfection is what comes to mind. LAVILLE’s single ‘Thirty One’ is a feel, on top of feel. Never knew that the fate of love can be as fulfilling as the flute filled goodness of this single. Righteous drums, mixed with the vibes of LAVILLE’s vocals is pure cream. And as the cream floats to the top, the key drizzled, delight is what you deserve on this day. “Thirty one is about love that you know you are ready for, and it is also about knowing who you are and being ok with you. I think its important to understand yourself and your age and to not let that hold you back from doing what you need to be fulfilled.” Soon, LAVILLE will be drop his upcoming new EP. And as ‘Thirty One’ is the title track, it represents quite beautifully on what you’ll likely experience in the publication. Can’t wait, right?

Hiser – I’ll Wait For You

Emo driven lyrics, EDM sited framing – the single ‘I’ll Wait For You’ is a pop song documenting a transitioning delight of a teen-like sentiment. HISER breaks up all of our day-to-day with delightful requisitions for what it takes to be in love; or at least wanting to be in love. HISER reinvented himself and as the rock band touring teen of his formative years, tracked into a more inward looking lyrical project, his music changed with the times. Now in Los Angeles, the singer/songwriter begins and continues making his own path. ‘I’ll Wait For You’ is one of those perfectly angled addition to his horizons.

Trevor Myall – All The Things

Inspiration is all the power we need as humans to traverse mountains. It’s been true for as long as we’d existed. Love and its various segments, can tell the heart, to lift the hardest of situations and conquer. There’s no pain too harsh that can hurt. The golden shield of love, is infinite and can never be penetrated. The incredible connection between one and another, can be that undyingly strong. Love will and can consume all. With high and soaring vocals, TREVOR MYALL depicts his love, for love as textured and poignant as the crescent moon. His voice brings to life, what maybe possible to a crescendo of feelings and emotions. Trevor currently is working on his debut EP ‘One Way Ticket’.


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