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SOMMY LOVELL Shares ‘New Face’. “Let’s Roll, Live. Make The Best It All.”

Is it a problem if we can delay the inevitable? What IS really ‘inevitable’? Is it a concept that just is a self-realizing concept? Can it be changed? Can that path be changed to a different end result?

Many. Most.


Don’t knock it until you try it, right? Why not.

Life is an atmosphere full of potholes. Deep, and sometimes too wide to cover in your best day. They come in all sorts of forms – in human form, in material, and existential forms. The hardest is the human-aspect of it all. For it’s the sometimes unpredictability of our emotions that can make things a challenge.

Well, at least there’s music.

SOMMY LOVELL is a 24 year old Staten Island NY based artist/producer living and rockin’ with his forms of musical expressions since 2012. ‘New Face’ is his latest offering and has been produced by Chase Gibran & Zulu T.

Let’s roll, live, and make the best of it all.



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