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Song Of The Day! Archie Faulks Shares His Heart In ‘Wonderful’. “And we fall.”

Fred Wilkinson

‘Wonderful’ is ARCHIE FAULKS’ magical delight for lifting your heart. When your chin is heavy with the plight of the world, upon your shoulders, being lost – you’re set right again with this title track from his latest EP.

With the strong bones of a standard love ballad, Archie’s ability to assist in alluring the visions of a thought – of lovers and of love – is defined into HD clarity with ‘Wonderful’. The un-relinquishing hug of this single is palpable to the core, with a classic structure that just is easy to invite to your personal footprint.

There’s nothing…nothing that will stop you from tackling this love song.

It is US.

It is what being alive SHOULD BE.

We all deserve such kind of love, care, and stunning happiness.

Archie stated: “‘Wonderful’ is a song inspired by the melancholy associated with the inevitable passing of time and the effect of it on the relationship of two people. A once glorious thing that, due to different paths chosen in life, could never come to fruition but is maintained through the thought of what could have been.”

“It stemmed from the realisation that although there was still something strong there between us,” continued Archie. “It would never grow into anything more than it had been in the fleeting months at the start of the relationship. When lonely or in pain we can seek refuge in the glory days of our pasts and perhaps dream of a time when we can recapture these moments; however in reality we know that things, no matter how hard we want them, will never be what they once were. Before you realise what you have it is gone only remaining in the memory of feelings, places and song.”

With a pinch contrast to the rest of the other songs on his EP, ‘Wonderful’ equates our deeply meaningful, but deeply hidden desire to care and love for the ones we can’t confess to love. We think Archie’s single is one of those keys to unlocking that sentiment – a beautiful excuse for us individuals to be more aware of, in trying to love… better.

This contemporary pop single is one to hold, and hold on to.

Just like your beloved.

Currently Archie’s on his headliner tour through the UK.



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