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Song (Obsession) Of The Day! The Chats Makes The World Good Once More With Latest ‘Pub Feed’.

The chaps in THE CHATS are a hurricane of force in the last year or so. Their phenomenal rise in the Australian music scene started with their tremendous single ‘Smoko’ back in late 2017. Quickly they hit a nerve in the scene as their right in your face, but charming attitude of sub-punk Australian-style kept the fans coming and growing.

The no-nonsense journalistic take on part of their lives, hit with devastating accuracy. To date, their little DIY music video for ‘Smoko’ has more than 6.5 million views.

Now we are in 2019, and with their latest ‘Pub Feed’ the trend seems to be on the same path with unreal popularity.

We’d first known of THE CHATS (Josh Price, Eamon Sandwith, Matt Boggis) in December of 2017, and were blown away by the trio’s fabulous talents. ‘Smoko’ was a fresh breeze, and we couldn’t get enough.

It’s not the simplicity of the 3 chord punk attitude, but it’s the whole package of Eamon’s expressive delivery of his vocals and the slacker vibe of the musical frame, which are unbearably and effectively hooks you at every turn of the notes.

‘Pub Feed’ does the same.

In spades.

Taking sub-par subjects and making it so, so delectably attractive is what the trio does so well. It’s that ‘everyman’ kind of deal and we ALL can deal with it – we all can relate.

And as pub-food happens to be one of our fave things to indulge, this single just hits the spot, for sure.

Funny, engaging, musically expert, with tac-sharp instincts for putting together refreshing sonic experiences – THE CHATS should be in your rotation, now and enterally.

Their US fans are screaming for a US tour.

Let’s see what they can do.



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