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Song Of The Day! 김뽐므 (Kimpomme) ‘겨울’ (Winter) : Gorgeous ballad. Ingratiating at its wake of thought, platitudes, ultimate forgiveness.

김뽐므 (Kimpomme)

South Korean artist 김뽐므 (Kimpomme) single, ‘겨울’ (Winter), is a gorgeous ballad, which adamantly ingratiating at its wake of thought, platitudes and ultimate forgiveness. It’s an erstwhile predictions of righteousness, so very intimate.

With a new EP hopefully on the way in 2021, the songstress delivers a sullied and introspective vibrance in ‘겨울’ (Winter).

The retribution of memories upon memories, denounce and suspend the realities – just for a moment.

And you see yourself wrapped in your cocoon of self loathing, self evidence, and love for the love that must have been begotten.

Somehow. Somewhere.

‘겨울’ (Winter) is a taste of goose pimple accelerating beauty and of purity in emotion.

It’s a song that most would would their own lives to be enveloped, within.


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