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Song Of The Day! 2flowersformyfriends Shares ‘Lies’. “Invoking an unfiltered and unedited way of living.”

Taylor Good is the purveyor of this meaningful and comically satisfying single named ‘Lies’. The solo project is called 2flowersformyfriends, and it is a cornerstone of what Taylor is all about in the real world, of matrix and habitual blindness.

“I infuse intuition and imagination to create art beyond the construct of normalization. Attaining to remove all taboos and stigmas, I strive to approach the world with fearlessness to encourage internal trust, by using my creativity to build moments in time… that allow us to tune into our purest passions by invoking an unfiltered and unedited way of living.”

The corrosive aneurysms, course through the veins of ‘Lies’. It is an offering from Taylor’s latest album ‘Short Days, Long Nights’ and with it, you get to experience the vastness of where Taylor wants to go.

And the place where he’d like to go, is much farther than we’d never expected.

Much stranger than we’d every dreamt.

Much iridescent than we’d every can block with sunglasses.

And it’s a place of powerful attitudes and shoulder pads of fashion past, where prominent ecstasies might crumble in a vat of pooled blood for souls.

An accustomed ritual where Taylor had been birthed.

Settling in this world to learn, to teach, to help return to that glorious vicissitude.

But don’t worry. Just listen.

Taylor will help you get out of that vicious circle, again.



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