Song Of The Day! 40 Proof ‘Walmart America’ : We live here. It’s all of us. Take it and let’s make it better. For the future we deserve.

40 Proof

Grind your face and mosh to the unforgettable energy of 40 Proof’s ‘Walmart America’. They take up arms against Walmart and Corporate America with their new single, ‘Walmart America’.

Every element in their new 9 minute EP/punk rock extravaganza, ‘100% Trash: Meat Lovers Pizza’ is a jab at society, sometimes in ways more cryptic than others.

The 3-piece unites in an attempt to break the glass ceiling between Corporate America and critical thinking. ‘100% Trash: Meat Lovers Pizza’ was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band. It’s sure to bring a spark of punk rock joy to all.

Sure will. Friday night rock out party theme, to the hilt.

Tongue in cheek is cheeky of the band. And they love you thinking that way about them.

Let’s rock.

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When you find your favorite pile of garbage

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