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Song Of The Day! Adult Karate Shares ‘Del Mar’. You. I. Us. The Look Deep Inside. Self.

Your intoxicating presence envelopes me with trepidation, worries, passions, and lust. The prevalent core of human emotions, well up in the core-of-my-soul. You make this happen. You make things right. No matter what others might say.

Don’t believe it.

Don’t listen.

They don’t know you as I do.

You don’t know what you can accomplish.

Embarking on the rails of insignificance, down the tracks of flooded life causes, you hold my hand.

And that’s all that matters.

You. I. Us.

K.C. Maloney is a fabulous producer and musician, who, in his latest title single ‘Del Mar’ (off of the upcoming Album this summer ‘Del Mar’ August 3, 2018), contains the ‘truth’ of possible inklings, mis-construed, mis-managed. But ultimately, the love for each soul, comes together, in the effort to win the day.

And this single. Wins.

Toronto based ADALINE provides the delicate, but confident vocal performance, necessary to carry this single to the level we all love to listen to.

Can’t wait to take a look.



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