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Song Of The Day! Afrancis ‘Lonely People’ : Debut single. Dance and prod you into another dimension of charm and characteristics.


Wow. That is a reaction that is easy to slip out of your mouth, when listening to this galactic vision of a song named ‘Lonely People’. Afrancis, the artist with that exact vision, encapsulates all that is good and fabulous about the craft of music.

‘Lonely people’ is an electronic-pop-trombone tune written by this decadent Swedish artist, and easily absorbed by body and soul.

“The song is about being surrounded by a lot of people but not feeling that you have any real close relationships with anyone,” said Afrancis. “That everyone always is looking for something else rather than a friendship; cold contacts, social status and a bridge to someone else. It’s about feeling lonely and doing things to feel less lonely, things that are not always good for you, things that hurt you.”

Music is all that can be, when Afrancis describes her artistic relationship.

“For me making music brings emotions and untold stories out of me. It makes me heal. Sometimes all it takes is just that first chord, and I know what it’s all about. I know which story I’m about to tell. I recognize the emotions. And then I start to sing and write down what I’m singing. Writing the stories that are based on my past experiences, dreams, fantasies or my further longings.”

Manic. Exaltant. Colorful. Mutual. A collision of tectonic plates, is imminent when Afrancis’ vocals, dance and prod you into another dimension of charm and characteristics.

Are we seeing a super-star in the making?

What a rush of a song. Top shelf, indeed.

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Turning 24

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Lonely People | July 3rd

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