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Song Of The Day! AK Patterson Release New Debut Single ‘Shadows’. Get drawn in. Be loved. Love yourself.

Beautiful acoustic guitars. Beautiful vibrato vocals. Beautiful body video. The summation of something that is great and wonderful about the music Universe and what is contained in our day to day terrestrial life. AK Patterson brings that in spades for us to absorb, exude, repeat – in our own lives and sensibilities.

She gave us Chills, and ‘Shadows’ is our Song Of The Day!

Trust yourself. She and her band is that good. We can’t wait for the debut. And all the evidence is within the palm sized Galaxy of notes and harmonies attributed to the beautiful arrangements and expressions by Patterson.

And that is all. It takes just one. It takes us on a journey of the inner and the without – strapped to that gliding carpet, golden and purple, tracking a trail across the blue sky of emotions and tears.

Don’t cry, with happiness. The performance on this song is gorgeous.

Take AK Patterson’s combination of old world folk, pop, Celtic, and jazz elements into the fore. Open that door in your mind.

Love it. Live it.

We haven’t been this excited for this kind of exhilarating song making in a long while.

Kudos, Alex. Kudos.

We’re fans.

The band consists of: Alex Patterson, Nat Reading (cello / clarinet), and Alfie Weedon (double bass).

Buy [HERE]

AKP is rep’ed by Square Leg Records.



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