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Song Of The Day! Al Olender ‘Folie à Deux’ : A calendar full of feelings, flow effortlessly. Ever exuberant story time vision.

Al Olender

What a beauty. Al Olender’s ‘Folie à Deux’ is that beauty. A mystic glimpse of charms, decked out in the vibes of best days, dance lovingly in the vibrating goodness of Al’s gorgeous vocals.

“‘Folie à Deux’ is an ode to admitting when you’re wrong,” said Al. “It’s a song for the romantic gone sad. I want listeners to roll down their windows and scream this song to the summer. It’s a song for walking, running, making out- for the daydreamer who gets too lost in thought.”

Al’s expert observation and even greater powers of expression, bring vice like love to your ears as she delves deep into trials of touring, relationships, and the “Geminis” of her life.

The gal singer/songwriter, with the golden lyrics and vocals, hold your hand into another dimension of emotive angles and supple invitation.

A calendar full of feelings, flow effortlessly with Al Olender’s ever exuberant story time vision.


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