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Song Of The Day! Albano Spa Shares The Wicked In The Oddly Surreal Single ‘Press Play’.

ALBANO SPA. It’s a Universe unto itself. It folds and unfolds with extremities that burst with vision. And at the same time, reveals some of the most profound psychoanalytic relevance from a band that have come in a long while.

It might be the other-worldly falsetto of the vocals. It might be the oddly timed, but classically constructed rhythms. It might be the calming effect that you don’t really at your leisure would admit you like. It just might be the jazz infused, funky bass lines and modern pop actuations that bely such music that they construct.

Whatever it might be, it’s the work of the ‘devil’.

We’re being too dramatic, but the emphasis that we’re trying to make is that from a listener’s point of view, the attraction is so corrosively likable that it’s an unfathomable circumstance at times.

It’s like when you look at a staggered tire/wheel set up of a sports car. It’s odd, because you don’t see it at the local super market much. But it’s attractive for it proposed zeal.

It’s like the gal you admired, getting that boy’s haircut. Then when you look at her you want to say that it’s not attractive, but to be honest – anything on her is attractive to you.

It’s like loving pop music by Englebert Humperdinck, but you’d never admit it to anyone. Even to your dad who you first got wind of the artist. The mutton chop on the younger Englebert was something else.


The contrast and the co-mingling of the ‘devilish’ and the ‘pure’ just plays like mouthwash in this single. It swishes with galant standards, while the song invites you to sway to the winds of an interesting wall of sound.

ALBANO SPA’s debut EP ‘Mrs. Pumpernickel’ is out now, and if you have the same kind of reaction that we had, then you must be alive and open to interpretation.

It’s a good thing.

And like the ‘devil’, temptation is what you make of it and how much self-awareness you have unto the subject.

It’s on you, my dear.

ALBANO SPA’s songs are contemporary, odd, weird, and all so decadent to absorb.

Why don’t have a look see, eh?



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