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Song Of The Day! Alex McArtor Shares The Gray In Single ‘Are You Alone’.

Sixteen year old ALEX MCARTOR. What can we say about her that is haunting our brains at the moment. She’s got that thing. You know. That ‘X’ thing. The curvaceous nuances of her musings within her songs, just makes us feel like we’ve found ‘something’.

Song of the Day!

“Found what?” We ask ourselves. After all, at the surface it just feels like a typical teen with a creative streak, who knows how to disseminate her feelings through song. Nothing extraordinary; nor deep.

But she is, and demonstrates very much a depth of emotions, angst, predictions, and a pension for beautiful expressions. Alex’s single ‘Are You Alone’ is different. From her 60’s psychedelic vocals, robust guitar riffs she’s chosen, all buttressed by the stainless cement of the ‘X’ thing, captures with laser focus.

The righteous promulgations reveal themselves, as Alex’s death defying lyrics, scorch the hearts of a previous Georgian march to the sea. The death of what’s conventional, just ceases to exist, in her enigmatic singing. And in place of where that decadent scheme stood, Alex stands with heaving rapture and ingloriously beautiful expressions of the good, the bad, and the irrefutable ecstasy.

We will see Alex on larger and larger stages. She will be soon signed, and we at CHF will be jealous of that future record label.

The Dallas based talent has her collection ‘Spoken Word’ available now, and each and everyone are ‘something else’.

Alex, is something else.

Alex is gold.


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