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Song Of The Day! Allergic To Humans ‘Uggly Things’ : Gritty, howling, boppin’ rock.

Allergic To Humans

‘Uggly Things’ is what Swedish surf/garage rockers Allergic To Humans have cooked up to say something about a certain state of affairs. The crunch-tastic rock n’ rolla shine, amplified by the Mo-town-esque balladeering of the lyrics and vocals, contrast in this beautifully gritty lust of sight and sound.

Following up their self titled debut album in 2018, the gang delivers a fabulous luxurious rock that just fits like a puzzle piece. A conduit of emotions, even in the vibe of the boppin’ rock chords, the whooshing pull of ‘wanting more’ pops up in our minds when listening. As the song ends, you’re drawn to repeat the song once again.

Misfits and lovers of imperfection, riot over sounds of this kind of sophistication. And we’re one of them.

Refreshing rock, indeed.

Look for more from this band with the guts to provide what we all look for.


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