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Song Of The Day! ALLTHINGSMATA’s Single ‘No Fools’. “Cool Schematics. No Love Mercy.”

Luis Felber scoffs at your sensibilities. Well, at least that’s what we at CHF thinks he does. That’s because the talent from the city of London tests your mettle. He will prod and parry, seeking your musical weaknesses and strengths. His tools are his notes on a paper, and the sound waves he produces.

Song Of The Day!

‘No Fools’ is a perfect example of that strike up your head, with groovy notes that lull your psyche to dream-land, then wakes your body with the chill of a bucket of ice water. The single makes you feel ‘cooler’, to be frank. And you take that with a grain of salt and vinegar to the bank. Tyra Banks isn’t at the register, but your sense of conquest – the conquest to your indelible stench of memories, gets stamped.

Check please.

“‘No Fools’ is about the perils of feeling less / not experiencing enough irl. Mainly because I’m high, to the point of strung out on technology”

Felber is here. And you can’t get away.

He won’t let you.

Dig it.



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