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Song Of The Day! Angela Perley Shares ‘Don’t Look Back Mary’.

The warm breath from ANGELA PERLEY’s songs comfort our listening ears to no end. Her voice drenched in the chaos of a soul’s battles with confidence, contrasts, tragedies, and victories, Angela drives a nail into your visioning heart and your ultimate outlook on life as a whole.

Off of the upcoming (August 2nd) third album ‘4:30’, the decorated artist arranges beautiful harmonies and folk/country aesthetics to new heights.

Angela’s professional musical journey started in Columbus, Ohio, playing with a rock band named The Howlin’ Moons. From there she’s soared into the rootsy-folk genre that, from the first note, has expertly forged.

“4:30 is when my body’s natural sleep cycle begins so if I’m not on a schedule I tend to stay up until then,” said Angela of ‘4:40’. “My creative time begins as soon as the sun goes down. I’m definitely a night owl. I don’t know what it is… but there’s something special about it. It’s dark outside, and it’s quiet.”

The album is set to keep her decade mature career into every newer and exciting levels, as it will illustrate the songwriter’s skills in storytelling. The charm of her voice is the anchor of her works, and it never is surprising at its power of persuasion. From being raw to passion, the grinding exhalation that is understated in her vocals, meld effortlessly into the frame of her songs – especially dancing with majesty in her ballads.

Added Angela: “Being realistic but also never giving up your sense of wonder about the world of art and music has been paramount to my growth as a songwriter.”

Chris Connor is by her side with his intoxicating guitar parts and arrangements. The combination of the duo makes this project a blessing to listen to.

ANGELA PERLEY is something you must put in your rotation.

‘4:30’ was mixed by Michael Landolt (Maroon 5, O.A.R.) and mastered by Dave Collins (D’Angelo, Bruce Springsteen).



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