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Song Of The Day! Angusraze ‘Unlawful’ : It’s a wild ride that must be noticed.


It’s decadent. It’s chip. It’s downright illegal.

‘Unlawful’ is one of the band Angusraze’s unadulterated tsunami of sounds that is catatonic and wistful, all at the same time. It’s that dinner that was tangy and sweet, with that ultra fine reminder of the spice, unattended. At the back of your throat, you just don’t know what just happened.

But you’re just glad it did, all the same.

‘Unlawful’ is the first single from a multimedia project consisting of several installments including the album ‘Foxmask’ (May 8th), and an as-of-yet untitled film. The track is based on a story from the Book of the Watchers, with a protagonist inebriated by negative energy and infatuated with the idea of bringing about destruction as his own punishment.

The band consisting of Ryan Wilkinson, Dylan Flaherty and Isaac Burnett breaks barriers with ‘Unlawful’, as it comatose your senses, desensitizing your sking to the world at hand, and focusing your energies in smiling and affectionately embracing this beautiful and utterly cacophony derision.

Kent-based artist Ryan Wilkinson heads this illusion, as it defines again and again, a course for new front lines of where music can and cannot expand. Fantasy and aggression; perfection and illusion, all drape with succulent actions of satisfactory fulfillment.

It’s a wild ride that must be noticed.


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