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Song Of The Day! Animal Noise Shares ‘River’. Glorious Thump Right To Your Head. And You’ll Lap It Up.

ANIMAL NOISE is experimental. Heck yea. And it’s unapologetically glorious, in our eyes (and ears). With lyrics that can live in a heavy-metal outfit, the instrumentals gain extravagantly exquisite golden thumbs up from our little sensibilities. Especially in their single ‘River’, it’s the psychedelic meeting that door knocker right up your head.

Can’t do anything about that, we say.

That door knocker is heavy, and has the face of a dragon.

You’d been warned before.

It’s your fault for putting your head so close to it to see if it was made of gold.

So, go treat that big bump on your head now. Hurry.

ANIMAL NOISE consists of three peers (Josh Sandifer, Jack Gordon, and Matt Hailes) who are based in Colchester S.E. England.

Their uniqueness is ‘realz’. ‘River’ is refreshing. And it crawls up your skin. Close your eyes, and you can imagine how this would be in a live session.

Oh the humanity.

And listen to the bridge. It’s gold: the drums, the vocals, the guitar chords. Oh my.


Green Man Festival – 17th August
Shambala – 24th August
SouthCider Festival – 26th August


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