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Song Of The Day! Anna B Savage ‘Corncrakes’ : Vigil of the vibrance of her songs, with vexing altercations of moods and visions.

Anna B Savage

Mesmerizing and decadently universal, Anna B Savage’s, ‘Corncrakes’, is a light at the end of the tunnel. A poetic reality – utterly inspirational – grifts from your sense of the unaffectionate, and delights you into a frothy intervention of inviting warmth and keen effervescence.

What a song. What a voice.

“At this moment in my life, I was entering a seismic shift. I felt like I was getting clues from the universe, and all I needed to do to ‘work it all out’ was piece them together. These clues came in the form of birds – in this instance a corncrake. I now see the corncrake as a layout for a theme: something tangible, but imperceptible, evident but not necessarily visible.”

Inspired to write the song after after reading ‘The Outrun’ by Amy Liptrot and ‘The Summer Book’ by Tove Jansson, the artist with the uncommon vocals, and most importantly, a most uncommon lyrical vision – Anna’s words suspend your imagination and grips you into a revelry.

The London based artist sickens you, in turn, listening to those velcro rippling of vibrations. The turn of events, like turn of pages in an impending novel, Anna’s expert expressions deliver and announce attention to 100% dedication to telling of the story.

‘Corncrakes’ is the track off of her debut album ‘A Common Turn’ (Jan 29th) via City Slang.

The music video, directed by Chris Howard (Planet Earth Live, Springwatch, Autumnwatch), is a representation of “the happiness, confusion, longing, desire, sadness, and also a stoicism” that Anna had experienced in the last few years.

Following the release of her recent singles, “Chelsea Hotel #3”, “Dead Pursuits”, and “A Common Tern”, “Corncrakes” is about Savage exploring and learning to come to terms with her own emotions and learning to live through them.

Vulnerable and accessible, Anna’s energy to open her lyrical arms to her audience is where her music envelopes. Deep and wanting, the wonton excoriation of sights and sounds, make vigil of the vibrance of her songs, with vexing altercations of moods and visions.

A thinking man or woman’s music, Anna’s power cannot but collude you into beautiful submission.


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