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Song Of The Day! Anna Erhard ‘Short Cut’ : Invigorating understatement of fastidiousness and gumption, blossoms true.

Anna Erhard

Anna Erhard, 30-year-old Anna Erhard, who lives in Berlin, writes songs about states of movement: they deal with leaving, escape and transformation. With a tinge of supple anxiousness and twinkling wisdoms of the past, Anna’s invigorating understatement of fastidiousness and gumption, blossoms true in ‘Short Cut’.

“We are told every day that it is possible to enjoy only the good aspects of things. This is bullshit.”

Although letting go is often difficult at first. After years as head of the Basel-based band Serafyn, she has left the band and the city behind and has given in to the desire to change her place of residence and expand her musical comfort zone.

Anna illustrates this in an abstracted way in the loving music video for ‘Short Cut’, which was shot on an alpine pasture in Furna (in the Swiss canton of Graubünden), in the village where Anna’s grandmother grew up. Growing up there in the countryside is a special challenge, to which Anna bows and stated: “Mountain children are the most blatant children, nobody has as much stamina as they do”.

In it for the long haul – whether for the good and the challenging. Love it all. One cannot exist, without the other.


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