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Song Of The Day! Anna Weatherup ‘Little Bluebird’ : It is a song about protecting that vulnerability of honesty. Will it survive? Only you can know.

Anna Weatherup / Photo: Leanne Hanley

Anna Weatherup’s songs are special. Anna Weatherup’s vision is unyielding. Anna Weatherup’s force for all that is musically holy – is beautiful.

In her latest astonishment, ‘Little Bluebird’ demonstrate again the depth of songwriting that Anna express so well. From a place of incarnation, the revelry is vibrantly captured in tight measures of expertise.

Yet. From all of those designs, off of her vocals, nothing seems angled or fore-thought. The spirit of the song, takes you away, to another land. A land where fantasies and reality collide in dance of majesty and existential gravity.

Said Anna: “The song was originally written in my home studio one morning while sitting with my guitar and pondering my life as a musician and how I sometimes feel like an outsider and not part of the ‘in’ crowd. I pondered the state of our music industry and the lengths that individuals go to stay relevant and be noticed. Regardless of all of those observations & feelings I continued to sit in the corner of my local pub and sing like a bird through the noise and hoped to pull in those that had the ears to hear. And to lift my head up and be proud of the artist I am.”

‘Little Bluebird’ is an anthem that sings to the heart of musicians and non. It is a tale of staying true to your personal art, rhythms, and grand landscapes.

It is a song about protecting that vulnerability of honesty.

Will it survive? Only you can know.


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