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Song Of The Day! ANNNA ‘Stardom/Hater’ : Shades of gray are expertly crafted with digital shimmer and understated rock n’ roll alt vigor.

Chic style that delivers in spades.


ANNNA is a project of Anna Madara Pērkone, and she is an indie-electronic music producer and singer from Amsterdam.

The song won the hearts of both the audience and the jury in October 2019, when the song won the prestigious Amsterdam Dance Event demo competition. The track will be a part of ANNNA’s EP that will be released in spring 2020.

‘Stardom/Hater’ is a sun-like glow of electro decked indie-rock incantation. With rousing build, and an ending of oozing hooks and beautifully nostalgic chorus, the sounds of Anna’s vocals, lay softly and suggestively,in unadulterated beauty. Reminding us of Karen Oh (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), both in vocal vibes and tone, as the shades of gray are expertly crafted with digital shimmer and understated rock n’ roll alt vigor.

Your imagination roars, as you listen.

The Latvian/Dutch artist took the subject of this track when she read in an article a few years back: domestic violence. And the 2018 BBC article explained how aggression happens in homes once a team loses during the World Cup.

Ridiculous? Mad? Crazy?

That’s why Anna couldn’t forget it. The absurdity of such things that happen in this world, is a tint of what happens inside the mind of Anna’s own curiosity for the oblong weirdness of human society. The prevalent awkwardness must be made aware, and the artist does so with the kind of chic style that delivers in spades.

‘Stardom/Hater’ is a repeat and radio friendly offering that sticks with utter ambience.

We want more. You should want more, from this fabulous artist.



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