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Song Of The Day! Antony Jeffares ‘We Carry On’ : Let’s dance a little, let’s smile a little too.

Tackle the challenges that are still yet to be born – yet to be faced..

Antony Jeffares

New Zealand singer/songwriter Antony Jeffares brings shimmering splendor with his 70’s grooves in ‘We Carry On’. And in the music video that accompanies it, the vibrant traditions of what we all long for in music, is deliciously presented for our longing ears can love. ‘We Carry On’ was co-written by Mark Perkins (Merk) and mixed by Shannon Fowler (Shannon Matthew Vanya, Tom Lark).

Said Antony: “I’d been stuck on this song, and so brought in my good friend Merk to help rework the chorus, and we got it feeling right. I was really channeling Dr Hook on the production, and even managed to sneak a flute solo in there. The song is a simple ode to getting through the tough moments.”

The video (directed by Olive Jeffares) is both an exploration of Auckland and introduction to Antony as a performer. Olive said: “I wanted to embrace Auckland and capture it with all it’s local charms. I thought it would be funny to get on a tourist hop on hop off bus and hit all the Auckland “hot spots”. There’s something about the bus that resonates with the song… it just keeps going and going. We went out and had fun for a day and shot a bunch of Antony being a dork.”

A contentious vision for what life could present in front of our being. The norm of life is that there will be challenges everywhere. From birth to death, the walls of self induced retributions to the externally demanding pirates of confidence, we are pulled and pushed to degrees of unknowing capacities, at times.

But there is song, and attitude; dance, and acceptance – all varying degrees of absorption that ignite a glow for the upcoming horizon. A turn of the page, to say that “It’s time to move on and tackle the challenges that are still yet to be born – yet to be faced…”

Antony’s single is a breeze of goodness that we’d want on this day.

So. Let’s dance a little and while you’re at it – let’s smile a little too.

We’ve got a long way to go, eh?



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