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Song Of The Day! ÄTNA ‘Come To Me’ : Retro and futuristically avant-garde, at its finest. Glorious indeed.

First full-length LP, ‘Made By Desire’, February 14th.


Opulent. Drastic. Couture. Visceral. All these describe the talent of ÄTNA. All of these describe, as well, the majesty of the single ‘Come To Me’.

It’s that good.

Like a huntress, singer Inéz, throws conventions out the door and just cosmically guide us on a tour of a place that we’d never thought we’d be. That place is that of an imagination like no other. And that soundscape of neon pink and deathly rays of musical heights, deliver us a tone of magnificence and tantric allure that is more grand than we’d eve thought possible.

With 8 million streams on Spotify, the outfit’s latest, ‘Come To Me’, is a cantankerously driven single that has elements of doubt to the ecstasy of refinement. The runway growl, with the patterned textures, cast an array of laser guided missile for your listening heart.

The caustically effervescent rise of the intro to the diligently beautiful shades of an overthrow, is head dashingly good. “‘Come To Me’ depicts a confident woman’s attempts to persuade her partner to at last make an effort before disappearing once and for all.”

ÄTNA breaks the rules. Then kisses you with the full love of their Universe.

What a feeling.

ÄTNA is Inéz and Demian Kappenstein. And they just might take over the world.

Look for their first full-length LP, ‘Made By Desire’, February 14th.

See them live next @ Kulturzentrum dasHaus Ludwigshafen, Ludwigshafen February 26th.



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