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Song Of The Day! Bad Honey ‘Blissfully Unaware’ : Ambitiously expressed, and radically whole.

Bad Honey

Comprising of both Lydia Clowes &Teresa Origone, Bad Honey are South East London’s answer to the finest, nectarous soul-pop duo. ‘Blissfully Unaware’ is off of the 4 track EP ‘Awake Tonight’.

Sultry countenance of beauty and soulful regrets, water drop in to a means of emotional angst and remission. An affinity of pop that delivers in the classic of duality and sustained belief in love. Bad Honey echo a sound that is both delicate and dreamy. Combining the purest sounding vocals, selective synths and bouncing beats, resulting in the most succulent of sweet spots – a beautiful blend of alternative soul and lo-fi electronics.

Said the duo: “We wrote this with our friend Georgia (Sharky), who is also featured in the song. When writing the lyrics we were thinking about the many worries surrounding global warming and our climate in the modern world. It’s about the contrasting outlooks humans can have on these issues, and how helpless it can feel when it seems that half of the world are not taking it seriously enough and the small things you do to try and help feel useless. “Close your eyes or stay awake” referring to either turning a blind eye or doing something about it.”

Lovingly written as always, ambitiously expressed, and radically whole. The soulful warmth is what makes the duo’s cycle of hope and bliss, so profound.


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