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Song Of The Day! Bambi Shares Her Unique Beauty In Song With ‘Sandpaper Suburbs’.

With the wispy and enigmatic inflections of Bambi’s (Samantha Ciotti) vocals, you’re drawn in – In curiosity, and of admiration.

‘Sandpaper Suburbs’ said the singer/songwriter from Canada, is : “…about feeling suffocated by dead dreams and small-town life. It’s got a sad, eerie, indie-rock vibe.”

We’d stated about Bambi as this in the past: “The unassuming and bare presentation is more than decadent… The purposeful construction of the alt-pop artist, keeps our sensibilities in high alert, as each impending note and words are anticipated like the next ice-cream lick in that shimmering summer heat within your palisades of your mind.”

The 24 year old talent’s simplicity is complex as much as the thoughts that bloom inside her mind, everyday. A realm of visions that, for all of us from the outside, will never get to see or feel or imagine, in full. However, the intelligent revelry in poetic alchemy, oozes with burgeoning charisma and dexterity that can’t be denied.

Following her fabulous single ‘Paper Cuts’, and then with ‘Flicker’, deliver with a taste of angles and fascinating takes on what music can become. A decadent array in waves of audible sentimentalities, drawn up initially by the pencil handling hands and fingers of Bambi, drizzle into life in her singles, as they play catch-me with your listening constitution.

It’s a riveting and, at the same time, un-wielding moment in time. Dark and morose, while distributing subtle nuances of nihilistic tendencies, ‘Sandpaper Suburbs’ stands at a net-positive version in attitudes. Life going forward is still worth the struggles, after all.

As we get to know more about Bambi and get a bit more glimpse on what makes her tick, there’s no doubt on our side that she has a knack that we’re very fond of.

Her journey has just begun. Looking for more and more from this fab artist.


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