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Song Of The Day! BATTS Shares Gloriously Magnetic Single ‘Shame’. Love Voices Like Hers. Atmosphere Like…Whoa.

BATTS is Tanya Batt. Her project hit us up side of our heads and the snapping slap was quick, deadly, and made us unconscious. Our ‘Song Of The Day’ is an amalgamation of some 1970’s stage production, mixed with folk, country, and modern indie pop hooks. And, as you all know, we at CHF really dig weird productions like this. But it’s not only weird, odd, and unique, it is also very much glorious and magnetically attractive. Tanya’s voice is so yum. And the atmosphere she creates made us pause and say ‘whoa’.

It’s not only her voice. Or its tone. Or its vibrations.

It’s the color that spews out at us, in multi level brilliance.

And the kicker? Her voice is delivered in a demure and calm attitude, as a folk singer many time do.

That layer, in this song, makes it unique. It’s ‘folk, plus’. Where not only just a lazy layer of attempts are arranged, but the delectable honey of Tanya’s folk talents just enhance the pop bleed, into another level.

We hope others take to what we’re saying about her.

Lyrically the song is written about the ‘shame’ of the naïveté humans show when thinking colonizing other planets in the solar system would turn out any differently versus it is here on Earth. However, it’s much more than that, in our opinion. It is about the ‘things that do not and will not adjust for you’, and ‘never accepting or never accepting the right way’ our internal toils and misfortunes, ultimately can be a detriment to our egos.

Kudos, Tanya. Kudos.

BATTS is to release her Debut album, sometime in 2019.

She’s rep’ed by THAA Records.

Buy [HERE]


UK Tour Dates
May 6 | Notting Hill Arts Club, London
May 8 | The Waiting Room, London w/ Cub Sport
May 9 | The Waiting Room, London w/ Cub Sport
May 20 | The Aussie BBQ, Hoxton Sq. Bar & Kitchen, London


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