Song Of The Day! Bea Kadri Shares Her Pop Soul With ‘B4WBU (Before We Break Up)’.

Chills creep up and down as the first words are draped upon your listening time. As Bea Kadri’s beautifully expressed vocals caress you with distinctive and classic r&b/soul pop goodness, you’re set back to where you’d always wanted to be. Calm, collected, centered into the person you’d once had been.

The London based Lebanese singer/songwriter helps us be more understanding in our perspectives for the life that we’d decided to continue.

Exclaimed Bea: “This is a song about wishing time could stop so I could catch up with the reality sinking in that a love I once put on a pedestal needs to end.”

“I’m unable to handle facing the emotions hence the hook ‘I need a break, before we break up’. This realization personally came after investing so much time and energy into a long distance relationship that came crumbling down when we finally came face to face.”

An inkling of emotion, encapsulated in one line of notes, coloring the imagination of our already hard-set memories of our past. Bea’s single and its intensity, brings all of the vibes and feeling that crashes like waves and imminent look at love.

Love, as it should be.

Love, as it was.

Combining into a caldron of existential longings, maybe, never to be fully fulfilled.

But we continue, on, with bigger and better resolve.

‘B3WBU’ is a fabulous entry into the pop world.

In 2018, she moved to London to pursue a Masters degree in Music Business Management from the University of Westminster and performing all around the city. One of her highlights include performing at the Brit Awards 2018 with Justin Timberlake, his choir, and Chris Appleton.

Look for more from the talented arranger of vibes.


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